Family Reunions

T Bar M says "Family" best! Our property is a great location to have a family reunion of any size. With our large variety lodging, we can accommodate any group. With all of the amenities we have available, every member of your family is sure to be entertained during their stay.

Ask about renting a meeting space for your event when you reserve up to 10 rooms 

After booking your event, you will be handed over to one of our dedicated event coordinators who will help you plan every detail and be your onsite contact person during the special event.

Along with your booking, our sales team can set up a complimentary landing page for your guests to have direct access to reserving their rooms.


For more information, pricing, availability, and booking, please contact:

Lianna Flores
(830) 625-7738 Ext. 204
Andrea Asay
(830) 625-7738